"Beam-ectomy should precede all mote micro-surgery. Just saying." Ginger Conrad paraphrasing Jesus Christ.

Paradigm Shift

“The list of health problems I think it would very hard to live with is SO much longer than the list of foods I previously thought I couldn’t live without,” Merrill Alley.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

it's a beautiful life

Praying For...Quinn, our four-year-old court jester...that he will be happy, healthy, safe, and know that he is loved by many. Also, praying that more will come to know the goodness of God and understand the power of His pure love.

Meditations of Jesus..."If ye love me, keep my commandments." John 14:15 The commandments are many, but the greatest two are loving God and our neighbor or charity. Without this all our other efforts are in vain. That is not to say that striving in all categories is silly. No, but, we must master our behavior, reactions, and tendency to hold others to a higher standard that we hold ourselves. I am not my brothers judge but am his Samaritan.

Dr. Ginger, Medicine Woman...Dr. Neil Barnard presents more evidence for an active, low-fat, plant-based lifestyle. Evidence concludes that it guards against dementia as well as vascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and auto-immune diseases.

Cucina Fresca...

When I adopted a low-fat, plant-based lifestyle for health reasons, I didn't like the label vegan and still don't. It is hippyish and doesn't suit me. In fact I was very resistant to the whole plant food idea. Since that time, I've become aware little by little how much this choice goes way beyond my own kitchen. Schools preach recycling like it will save the planet; it won't. While it will help a bit, it doesn't do nearly as much as teaching children to eat plants instead of animals. This practice will save starving children around the world and actually make a real difference in saving what is left of our planet. It might even heal it and quite deliciously at that.

La Tartine Chou Frise Pour Deux
This is a variation of Anne Esselstyn's kale sandwich. 

2 slices Bavarian gluten-free bread or Mestermacher Pumpernickel
4-6 cups baby kales
8 grape tomatoes, halved
1/4 c. red onion, chopped
4 shiitaki mushrooms, sliced
zest and juice of 1/2 lemon
cayenne, fresh black pepper, sesame seeds, and celtic sea salt to taste
1/4 ripe avocado, thinly sliced (optional, but it provides creaminess traditionally obtained with melted cheese)

Toast bread until crispy. In a stainless steel pan, saute red onions and mushrooms in a bit of water until onion is translucent. Push it to the side of the pan. Add lemon zest and kale with washing water clinging to leaves. Also add tomatoes to side of pan. Steam until just wilted. Add lemon juice, cayenne, black pepper, sesame seeds, and salt. Stir without incorporating tomatoes, onions, or mushrooms and remove pan from heat. Cut each piece of bread in half. Pile each half with 1/4 of kale. Top with onions, mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes, and a twist of black pepper. I like to serve this with some purple kraut (or beet or carrot salad) and caramel apple slices (sliced apples with mejool dates). It is also a bit more substantial and tasty with a dollop of seasoned, pureed chick peas under the kale. (Ann Esselstyn says to use oil-free, tahini-free hummus like mayo or cream cheese. It works nicely. I make it with a bit of garlic, lemon, and soaked sun-dried tomatoes.)

Movement...enjoying yoga, walking in nature, and ttapp.

Bibliophilia...sent Small Pig to Quinn and will send it to Gracie next week. It is a great book for the feelings and sense of humor of four-year-olds. ALL of my children loved this book read to them at this age. Later, when they learned to read, they often chose it to read independently along with the Little Bear books. Oh, Lovely Mud...Hoping to read Comfortably Unaware: What We Choose to Eat Is Killing Us and Our Planet by Richard Oppenlander and Power Foods for the Brain by Neil Barnard soon.

Viewing Pleasure...quite enjoyed From Time to Time with Maggie Smith and The Ballad of Lucy Whipple with Glen Close.

Pen and Brush...card sent to Claire last week.