The Cure is on your plate!

The Cure is on your plate! Back in the Nixon Era, war was declared on cancer. Strangely, even though a prevention and a cure has been found, the powers that be still fund and fight this war. Obviously, the conflict of interest and motive is profit over health. The China Study and practically a zillion others have found the answer. Cancer, like ALL other degenerative disease, is a food born illness curable by consuming greens, fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. The healthiest people in the world eat little or no meat. Likewise, God's Word teaches that plants are the best foods for man. It's an issue of perspective. You can't exercise away a dirty diet. Is your body a garbage disposal or a temple?

Paradigm Shift

"When people make comprehensive lifestyle changes, including a plant-based diet, they often feel so much better, so quickly, that it reframes the reason for making these changes from fear of dying, which usually is not sustainable, to joy of living, which often is," Dean Ornish.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

teaching this old gal new tricks

Praying For...Claire...since she's the birthday girl this week, she gets a week of GCOTW out of turn...praying that she will continue smiling her million dollar smile and being a sweet little lady...she is quite possibly the sweetest little six-year-old that I know...that she will have an abundant, happy, scholarly, friendly, safe, obedient, free seventh year...that she will be inspired to emulate the character of Jesus...that her neighbors and enemies will learn of and be inspired to follow the Prince of Peace and never usurp the rights of other...that the leaders of nation will lay down power-mongering and pursue good will toward all.

Jesus Word..."Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead," James 2:19-20. I understand that nothing I do brings salvation or redemption. Those are gifts of grace from the Savior. I also know God commanded us to live lives of Christian charity, which is interpreted as the true love of Jesus Christ. Jesus' live was a picture of sacrifice for those He loves, everyone ever born on earth. He expects me to try to be like Him even though I will fail again and again. I can say I believe and be as the adversary. But to prove my love to Him, I must say I believe and show I believe with my treatment of others, my hours of devotion, my service to my fellow man, and my willingness to repent my sins. It's a tall but joyful order.

Bibliofilia...As a little child, my dad made me watch holocaust documentaries, which both horrified and fascinated. Nobody will ever hoodwink me, saying it was a big lie. I saw the walking skeletons and bodies shoveled into ovens. This week I read a beautiful but sad story of a girl, evacuated to England without her family: The Children of Willesden Lane: Beyond the Kindertransport: A Memoir of Music, Love, and Survival by M. Golabek. Because I love beautiful music, the story touched my heart. When my granddaughters are 14 or so, I'll send them this book. For her birthday, we sent Claire 50 Princesses A Coloring Book by Anita Valle, No Flying in the House Betty Brock, Faber-Castel colored pencils, and a ten inch pink playground ball. I try to lay low with gift giving on birthdays and such. Instead I prefer to send less flashy but gifts that might spark lifelong interests, scholarship, and good health.

Cucina Fresca...I absolutely detest ground flax seeds. I've struggled to incorporate flax into my diet because of my bad attitude. Yes, I need to eat them, because they are good for heart, skin, and hair. This week I tried eating them on top of applesauce and found a winner. They make a good stack in the afternoon.

Movement...Until January, I've not enjoyed movement very much. Even as a child, I mostly sat at recess. I was never good at ball or jumping rope even though I enjoyed it. Still, the draw to rest has ever been more strong to me than running and rough housing. Sure, it's been a big part of my life, but to say I love it would have been a big stretch. Now, I more then love exercising; I look forward to it and spend way more time involved in it than I ever believed possible. Some days I'm up to 90 minutes and want even more. If I feel stiff or sore during the day, I do some more. You CAN teach an old gal new tricks.

Nature News...this week I saw my first Stellar's Jay of spring, which I've aptly named the bluebird of happiness...I also saw the first dianthus or perennial pink of the year. The garden here is unfolding before my eyes.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

better safer kinder

"...the people were all converted unto the Lord, upon all the face of the land,...and there were no contentions and disputations among them, and every man did deal justly one with another," 4 Nephi 1:2.

For the last several months, I haven't been using any study guides or lesson manuals as study aids. Each morning I read and read until something touches my heart and speaks to my spirit. As I write it in my journal, I wait for the Spirit to teach me about it. For now, this way suits me very well.

The scripture above leads me to pray for those who suffer around the world for their belief in and service to the Lord, Jesus Christ that they will have perfect patience, strength of body, mind, and spirit, and power to endure gracefully if they must suffer and deliverance if it is the will of God. Additionally, I pray for the enemies of True Peace that they will have a stupor of thought in usurping control and power of the people the wish to dominate but a desire to build their corners of the world with peace, family, and brotherly love. Yes, I know the revelations concerning the Second Coming of Christ. But that doesn't mean God cannot or will not inspire and soften the hearts of individuals to do and be better, safer, and kinder.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

joy in the morning

Today, I'm grateful for my new lease on life with energy, bodily comfort, direction, and meaning. It's as if I went through old age and rebirth during my last decade of trial and learning. Throughout this decade of learning, I had many improvements and hints at joy in the morning. My health got better little by little as I learned to care for my body AND my spirit. Now I understand (or at least I hope I do.) As I head into my second prime, my gratitude is full.

"As part of Heavenly Father's plan of redemption, all people experience adversity during their lifetime. Trials, disappointments, sadness, sickness, and heartache are a difficult part of life, but with the help of the Lord they can lead to spiritual growth, refinement, and progress. Each person's success and happiness, both now and in the eternities, depend largely on his or her responses to the difficulties of life.

...Trials may come as a consequence of a person's own pride and disobedience. These trials can be avoided through righteous living. Other trials are simply a natural part of life and may come at times when people are living righteously.

When some people face adversity, they complain and become bitter. They ask questions like 'Why does this have to happen to me? Why do I have to suffer this now? What have I done to deserve this?' But these questions have the power to dominate their thoughts. Such questions can overtake their vision, absorb their energy, and deprive them of the experiences the Lord wants them to receive. Rather than responding in this way, people should consider asking questions such as, 'What am I to do? What am I to learn from this experience? What am I to change? Whom am I to help? How can I remember my many blessings in times of trial?'" LDS.ORG, Gospel Topics, Adversity

"For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need," Hebrews 4:15-16.

"My [daughter], peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high...," Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-8.

" cometh in the morning," Psalm 30:5

Sunday, March 1, 2015

reached into my spirit

Praying For...Cole, our intelligent, handsome, ten-year-old grandson...that he will value the privilege of scholarship, safety, choice, and faith that life and liberty in the United States allow him...that his friends, neighbors, and enemies will come to know and accept the true peace offered by Jesus Christ. He is the only solution to personal and political strife in this world...that he will be safe, secure, and sound of body, mind, and spirit as he moves away from childhood and into young manhood.

Jesus Word..."Pray always, that you may come off conqueror; yea, that you may conquer Satan, and that you may escape the hands of the servants of Satan that do uphold his work," Doctrine and Covenants 10:5. This prayer journal has transformed my spiritual life. Not only do I feel closer to my loved ones far away, whom I pray for every day. More importantly, I feel closer to God. He answers prayers. He waits to instruct me until I've asked for His help. I ask. He says. Oh, so you want to know about that now; do you? Here's the answer through scripture or inspiration. Line upon line...precept upon a little and there a little...

Bibliophilia...We sent Cole The Cricket in Times Square (such a delightful original story), Mindware Extreme Dot to Dots Animals (gotta love dot-to-dots). CITS is wonderful and can almost be considered a classic. It's one of those stories that comes along only rarely.

Sound of Music...When I was nine, I took up the violin and developed an immediate love of classical music. By classical music, I refer to an art form and not a musical time period. Anyway, probably my first favorite was Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf. This week I sent a CD of this music narrated by Boris Karloff to Cole. I looked up the CD on YouTube and relived this favorite. Now that my body is stronger again and my injuries are healed, I miss my violin. When I get back home, where it waits on a shelf, I plan to pick it up again. Today in church, we sang Lead Kindly Light. It reminded me how much I love playing it, as I sort of got lost in the music and felt my self swaying as a violinist. OOPS! I almost forgot to get up to give the invocation. I also remembered my daughter singing it at her grandmother's funeral. How she CAN sing at the saddest times in her life; how does she sing through the tears?

Movement...Children these days just don't get enough exercise. This week I sent a hacky sac to Cole. Recently, I sent a kick ball to Quinn and a jump rope to Oakley. While I can't make them move, I believe providing the opportunity can be a good first step. STILL loving essentrics. Never before has movement reached into my spirit the way this one does. It reminds me so much of my dancing lessons as a child, which I loved equally as much. Although my childhood experience was fulfilling in a different way. I also enjoy walking to the market. Depending on which one I go to, my walk is an invigorating two-three miles.

Cucina Fresca...I love inventing recipes. This week was no exception. Anyone who enjoys mushrooms and kale will love this; maybe some who've never like either that much will enjoy it, too. This is very waistline friendly, being low in calories, fat, and other lb adding things.

2 portabello mushrooms, halved and sliced
1/2 onion, pureed
1 clove garlic, pressed
1 carrot, pureed
1 stalk celery, pureed
1 roma tomato, diced
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
1 bunch kale, stripped and chiffonade
kale stems, sliced
1/4 c minced fresh parsley or 1 T dried
1/2 small lemon, juice and zest
2 T mild, white, soy and gluten free miso
1/4 t dried Italian herbs
dash red pepper flakes
2-4 c water

In a soup pot, bring 2 T water to a boil and add a little salt, onion, garlic, carrot, celery, mushrooms, and tomato. Turn down heat to low, cook until reduced by half and all liquid is evaporated. Add water, kale stems, zest, dried herbs, parsley, and red pepper flakes. Bring to a boil and cook for 5-10 minutes. Add kale and cook for 5 more minutes. Mix miso with a little broth, then add to pot. Stir in bell pepper and lemon juice. Adjust flavors and serve. Potatoes or white beans are very good additions. To be honest, I eat the whole pot by myself. It's that good.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

civility and courtesy

Probably, grandchild-of-the-week is my favorite activity of the week with the gifts, letter, and prayers. I feel so much closer to my far away grands. The following letter is to a 10-year-old boy.

Hi Cole!

Well, our dear boy, you are our grandchild-of-the-week. As you know we'll be praying with you as a special focus this week. The usual things of course are often repeated: health, happiness, faith, friends, safety, security, scholarship, and so forth. Also, we will ask that you be blessed with a desire to develop patience, self-control, tolerance, gentleness, obedience, loyalty, and charity. Jesus is all these, and we dearly love Him. We hope you do, too.

We wonder what things you are doing these days. Do you play any sports or instruments? Do you love school or simply tolerate it? Do you have a close, loyal, gospel-strong friend? Do you get along well with your sisters? Do you enjoy any special times with your family like Family Home Evening and Family Prayer?

During General Conference, one speaker talked directly to Primary-aged children, which I feel inspired to share with you. "Think of the influence that the faith of a Primary-aged [child] can have on [their] family. Our daughter's faith blessed our family when we lost our young son at an amusement park. The family rushed around frantically looking for him. Finally, our 10-year-old daughter tugged on my arm and said, "Mom, shouldn't we pray?" She was right! The family gathered in the middle of a crowd of onlookers and prayed to find our child. We found him. To all the Primary [children] I say, "Please keep reminding your parents to pray!" If I remember correctly, parents need the help of their children to remember things like family prayer and scriptures. It boggles the mind how many things parents have to remember.

So...we are living in a city this tax season. It's my first time being a city dweller. I must admit, even though the city holds its charms, I prefer the country or at the very least the suburbs. Around here there is LOTS of wild life in the form of crows. They are like rats in other cities. In the evenings, they flock and fly in the hundreds during dusk and dawn. It is creepy, sort of like that scene in The Wizard of Oz when the sky was dark with flying monkeys. Although I love wildlife and nature walks, I don't especially like this back to nature experience. What's with all the crows anyway?

While we are here, we take the ferry to the island for church each Sunday. I was going to go to regular adult classes, but my old Primary class would hear none of it. Even their new teacher wanted me to be part of the class, while we are here for tax season. So, each Sunday I go to Primary with those dear children.

Their teacher decided to have a Valentine's class party and invited me. It was so much fun. We played clothespin drop with an antique milk bottle. We decorated cookies and cards. We played a sort of Jenga game with conversation hearts. The children tried to guess how many candied hearts were in a jar. We made all sorts of silly things with pipe cleaners. All had a wonderful time, even Gracie.

I got to bring her, since she didn't have school or child care that day. We took the ferry over early and went to the beach. Yes, it was sort of chilly and a bit wet, but a day at the beach is always fun if you dress right. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes and shoes. By the time I got her home, it was well passed dark and her bedtime. She was sound asleep. I wish I could take you and your sisters to the beach or the lake or somewhere fun like that sometime.

I was reading scripture today, when the Holy Ghost whispered I should discuss this scripture with you. "But I say unto you. That whosover is angry with his brother shall be in danger of His [God's] judgement...," 3 Nephi 12:21. The world tells us it is OK to get angry if somebody or something makes us mad. It doesn't seem that is what Jesus said at all. We should refuse to become offended according to Elder Bednar. That means we should realize that most people don't mean to be rude but sometimes cause misunderstanding. We should talk out our differences with civility and courtesy instead of contention. If that isn't possible, we should listen to President Hinckley and choose The Thumper Rule. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Elder Hales put it this way. "Some people mistakenly think responses such as silence, meekness, forgiveness, and bearing humble testimony are passive or weak. But, to 'love our enemies, bless them that curse us, do good to them that hate us, and pray for them which despitefully use us, and persecute us' takes faith, strength, and, most of all, Christian courage." Be nice to people, and you'll go farther in this life.

Now, I don't know if you have an anger issue or not. It doesn't matter. Jesus taught these ideas to all the world of which you and I are a part. So...I'll pass it along as instructed. I love you and want you to know I have a testimony of the scriptures and the gospel. Life is so much happier, when we try to be like Jesus. It really is. Every time I see you Cole, you have the most beautiful smile. You must be one of the happiest people I know. That's a great blessing. Don't stop smiling, OK?

Love Ya Lots!
Papa and Grammy