"Beam-ectomy should precede all mote micro-surgery. Just saying." Ginger Conrad paraphrasing Jesus Christ.

Paradigm Shift

“The list of health problems I think it would very hard to live with is SO much longer than the list of foods I previously thought I couldn’t live without,” Merrill Alley.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

not ready to bow down and cast stones

Do I serve God, the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ or false gods and idols? Joshua 24:15 While some might rightly argue that the television is similar to the old gods of stone and idols of wood, I want to look a little deeper. What are the gods and idols of the modern world? Covetousness and impropriety Colossians 3:5, sloth and idleness 2 Thessalonians 3:10; Alma 38:12, bullying and ill manners Doctrine and Covenants 88:124, and many more actions of excess, which never make one happy.

Jesus said keeping His commandments shows our love for Him. John 14:15 Being anxiously engaged in the service of His children is one of those commandments, which blesses us by leaving us little time to indulge in modern hedonistic idol worship. 2 Nephi 2:16, 27; Helaman 14:30-31 Our wise Heavenly Father knew we needed to choose Him over everything else or we would not return to His side any wiser, stronger, compassionate, or grateful. Force could and would never work.

Although we must not be ready to cast stones, we must learn to judge wisely. Moroni 7:14-15 God has given us the capacity to know what is bad, good, better, and best; choosing the best allows joy to enter our lives.