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Paradigm Shift

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Friday, November 8, 2013

key to spiritual protection

Certainly, we ought to prepare for the future with food, clothing, and other resources. However, temporal preparations will only help so much if we have no hope. With society deteriorating, we need God's grace and peace. Boyd K. Packer in his sermon The Key to Spiritual Protection gives us ideas to gain these things. The following quotes are from his powerful talk. I've found these ideas to be absolutely correct.

"Parents today wonder if there is a safe place to raise children. There is a safe place. It is in a gospel-centered home." I remember raising children and longing to live far out in the country so my children would be safe. Although we tried hard to make our home gospel centered, I never grasped the idea that this was the safety I longed to give my children.

"The scriptures hold the keys to spiritual protection. They contain the doctrine and laws and ordinances that will bring each child of God to a testimony of Jesus Christ as the Savior and Redeemer. Make scripture reading a part of your regular routine, and the blessings will follow. There is in the scriptures a voice of warning, but there is also great nourishment." As my oldest grandchildren approached the age of accountability and baptism, I wanted them to discover power in a regular routine of scripture study. On the seventh birthday, I sent them scripture CDs and a set of scriptures with my testimony written inside. Why the CDs? The language of the scriptures is hard for a little child to read (or even an unfamiliar adult). The first time I made it through the Old Testament, it was with the magnificent voice of Alexander Scourbey. (Thankfully, today I can buy much less expensive Cds with an equally gifted narrator reading.) After that experience, reading the scriptures wasn't hard. Even though it's not the goal, a second benefit to the grandchildren is increased reading ability by reading along with the narrator.

"If the language of the scriptures at first seems strange to you, keep reading. Soon you will come to recognize the beauty and power found on those pages. 'All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,' 2 Timothy 3:16." The scriptures have changed my life and answered prayer questions. When I have a perplexing question, I pray and ponder on this thing. More times than I can count, the answer is given as I study.

"Paul and others warned about the trials of our time and the days yet to come. But peace can be settled in the heart of each who turns to the scriptures and unlocks the promises of protection and redemption that are taught therein." The peace gained through the practice of regular scriptures study brings me incredible hope.