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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jesus Christ Is the Good Shepherd

As usual the children will take turns telling about their week and reporting their success at peacemaking in their homes and schools.

This week's lesson is based on Luke 15:1–7 and John 10:1–18. I love teaching this one. The objective is to help each child understand that every person is important to The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

First we will talk about what a shepherd is and does, as well as the difference between a shepherd who leads his sheep and a sheep herder who drives his sheep. Using pictures helps tremendously with young children.

The lesson includes a story about two children, who live on a sheep ranch. Their lambs get out at night. The next morning they find all but one. When the main fold is safe, they go off to find the lost sheep. These children love to listen to stories.

After teaching the children the Bible story of the lost sheep with its accompanying picture, we will talk about the fact that each of us are Jesus' lambs and how He loves us.

Finally, they will get to glue cotton balls to pictures of lambs and color the grass green. My children LOVE coloring and cutting and glueing and all that. (Update: at the last minute I decided to teach them how to draw lambs. Then we wrote I am a lamb in Jesus' fold across the top, colored in grass and sky, and signed our names artist style.

These children are not perfect but have made huge strides in their behavior in the 15 months that I've been their teacher. For the most part, they sit still-ish and quiet-ish during listening time, they participate, they sing, and they are happy to be at Primary. I love these little children and enjoy writing them letters. It seems that going that extra mile in their lives with gifts and letters has made a huge difference. Last Sunday I was very ill with a low B12 level. I drug myself to church, so I could teach my class. When I could hardly speak or stand, I told them of my plight and asked for their help. They were as good as gold 99% of the time. We have come a long way together, and I am so proud of them.