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Paradigm Shift

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jesus the Christ is new focus

After prayer and thought, I've been led to study the Gospels of the New Testament and other scripture referencing the life of Jesus with Jesus the Christ by James Talmage as a study guide. I'll apply a new truth about using gospel study guides I learned this time teaching Primary. I'll read the scripture references for a chapter first. Since I've read the gospels numerous times as well as Talmage's Jesus the Christ. I hope by putting the scripture before the cart, so to speak, the ideas in Jesus the Christ will enhance my thoughts and impressions. I also plan to use this table to get 100% of the gospels into my study. As with any author, Talmage didn't comment on every single verse. Since I want to study the gospels in their entirety, the table will help with that goal.

As with my other studies, I will attempt to journal them here most days. If I have any more readers out there, I hope you follow along, reading Talmage and The Gospels of the New Testament. Comment if you like.

"The purpose of [Jesus the Christ] is that of considering the life and mission of Jesus as the Christ...(1) The unity and continuity of His mission in all ages—this of necessity involving the verity of His preexistence and foreordination. (2) The fact of His antemortal Godship. (3) The actuality of His birth in the flesh as the natural issue of divine and mortal parentage. (4) The reality of His death and physical resurrection, as a result of which the power of death shall be eventually overcome. (5) The literalness of the atonement wrought by Him, including the absolute requirement of individual compliance with the laws and ordinances of His gospel as the means by which salvation may be attained. (6) The restoration of His Priesthood and the reestablishment of His Church in the current age, which is verily the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times. (7) The certainty of His return to earth in the near future, with power and great glory, to reign in Person and bodily presence as Lord and King," Talmage, Jesus the Christ.