"Beam-ectomy should precede all mote micro-surgery. Just saying." Ginger Conrad paraphrasing Jesus Christ.

Paradigm Shift

“The list of health problems I think it would very hard to live with is SO much longer than the list of foods I previously thought I couldn’t live without,” Merrill Alley.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

let's inspire

Praying For...Gracie, our little firecracker...all my grandchildren are growing up in a world where civility has been replaced by cruelty and cunning...I pray that somehow they will be granted happiness, health, safety, and a bit of wonder during childhood...that the leaders of the nations, communities, schools, and families will open their eyes to the destruction they wield to the power they have to inspire greatness, joy, and peace among their members...

Bibliophilia...lately my studies have focused more on the divine...I'm enjoying Jesus the Christ by Talmage for the umpteenth time. This time through I'm taking it slowly and savoring the Spirit.

Pen and Brush...found some video drawing lessons that I'm enjoying quite a bit. This man was trained by Bruce Mcintyre of Drawing Textbook and Disney fame. As much as I love DT, I enjoy the energy of Mark Kistler. For now, I'm putting watercolor on the back shelf until I learn to draw better. It is simply impossible to paint something beautiful without good drawing skills. DH and I love to draw together for FHE and FDN.

Cucina Fresca...Rotini con Piselli e Asparago...AKA Nana's Ninja Noodles II

5-8 oz whole grain spirals (tinkyada brown rice tastes the most like traditional pasta)
1/4 c minced red onion (can substitute green onions but put them in after the carrots are tender)
1 large clove garlic, pressed
1-2 carrot, diced
a couple twists freshly ground black pepper
1 T powdered dehydrated mixed vegetables
1/8 t red pepper flakes
4 T tomato paste
1/2 t Italian herbs
5 oz fresh or frozen asparagus (sliced 1 inch pieces)
10 oz fresh or frozen peas
1 T minced basil
1 T minced parsley
2 T nutritional yeast (optional)

Bring a large pot of water to a boil over high heat. Cut up veggies. Add the pasta and peas and cook until al dente, 7-8 minutes; five minutes before it is done add the asparagus. While pasta is cooking. Water saute onions, garlic, carrots, pepper flakes, and herbs over medium high heat adding more water as it is absorbed. Don't let it burn. While veg are sauteing, make a simple green salad (lately I've been enjoying romaine with red bell peppers--pretty but simple). It takes about 7 minutes for the veggies to soften this way. Drain the pasta, reserving 2 cups of the pasta water. Stir in tomato paste, nutritional yeast, and 1/2 c. hot pasta water into onions until a sauce is formed. Toss pasta and sauce Gently fold in the cooked pasta, peas, and asparagus, adding more reserved pasta water if necessary. Transfer to a heated serving platter and garnish with a tiny sprinkling of coarse salt, parsley, and basil. Toss and dress the green salad. I like maple mustard dressing: 1 T real maple syrup (or honey), 2 T salt free mustard, 3 T rice vinegar OR 2 T high quality balsamic vinegar+1 T water.

Movement...so glad my injury is mostly gone...In the mornings, I continue to foam roll, stretch, yoga, and lift light weights. Throughout the day, I walk and walk and walk. My natural tendency is toward a sedentary lifestyle, but I don't want to contribute to another injury. Strength is the enemy of painful atrophy that contributes to the types of injuries that the over 40 crowd are most susceptible.

Dr Ginger, Medicine Woman...I'm not a medical doctor but a student of nutritional and herbal medicines. Each year I look forward to Dr. Greger's annual nutrition findings. This year is no exception. With such strong evidence, I can't understand why anyone would indulge in health robbing 'foods.' Sure those things are tasty, but are they tasty enough to live with chronic pain and disability for years or worse die before your time? I've seen what cancer, alzheimer's, arthritis, vascular disease, diabetes, and obesity do to people. I don't want to go there if I can help it.