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Saturday, June 6, 2015

magical summertime

Children love getting mail, and I love writing letters to my grands. So this letter writing each week has been a blessing for both my grands and me. When my children were small, my stepmother sent them parties for the holidays with home baked goodies or little debbies, small toys, and sometimes special outfits for Easter. It made them feel so special. When I became a grandmother, I continued the tradition. However, one very competitive mother of my in-law decided to one up me. I just won't compete to see who is the best grandma, so I adopted the idea of grandchild of the week. I learned about this from a single lady speaking at Education Week, who did it with her nieces and nephews. She wrote them letters, sent them books, and prayed especially for that child all week long. My grandchildren look forward to their special week, which at this time is usually every 8 weeks (I have 8 grandchildren.)

I don't always post the letters but do so as seems appropriate. They are not meant to toot my horn but to give others a few ideas for writing to their grandchildren. Consider adopting this program; it is wonderful for bringing distant grands or other children closer.

Hi Claire!

We hope you are happy and healthy. For sure we are praying that you are as well as for all sorts of other Claire blessings.

Summer is here, but it's been much cooler than usual this year. We've had lots more rain than I remember as a child. Plus, we've only had a couple really hot days. Usually, the temperature is well above 100 in June.

I cleaned out and refilled the hummingbird feeders for the first time, since I got back. I thought they had forgotten all about our feeders, since we only saw purple finches looking for ants; ants are always attracted to the sugar in hummingbird feeders. Finally, a ruby throated hummingbird came to the feeder. I'm really glad they came back for a couple reasons. First, they are fun to watch. Second, I just learned they eat gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, aphids, and small spiders in addition to flower nectar and sugar water. Do you have a hummingbird feeder?

We drove around the little lake close to our house for Family Night. It's really a large reservior behind a medium sized dam. I used to swim and even learned to water ski there, when I was a girl. I love to be in the water. As a child, I was always brown as a nut in the summers. So I would always be ready to swim, I lived in my swimsuit. The only time I wasn't in a swimsuit was at night or at a restaurant with my Grandparents. We didn't go to church.

Maybe you didn't know, I was a convert and got baptized at age 13. I have a very tender spot in my heart for missionaries, especially little girls that invite their little friends to Primary. At age 4, I went to Primary with my friend Laura Doyle. For years after that I went off and on. Back then Primary was during the week. I also went to church with her sometimes. When I went home for lunch with Laura one day, her dad said it was about time I took the missionary lessons and got baptized. I agreed. Now, I've been a member for 38 years. My faith and membership in the church are very precious to me, as I hope yours are to you.

We've been riding bikes a lot lately either early in the morning or in the evening. One day we rode 11 1/2 miles, which made us feel pretty pleased with ourselves. I never in all my life thought I could ride that far especially in just an hour. I love riding along the trails that line the dry river beds around our home. The government planted all sorts of flowering bushes and trees that are native to the area. They planted native vegetation so it wouldn't need watering. Water is very scarce in this desert, but now it looks like a verdant oasis.

I'm still looking for a little doggy companion. So far my luck has been poor. I guess God is still saying not yet. I'll trust his will and TRY to be patient.

I want you to know that I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. Sometimes people don't believe He is real. Even though I have not seen Jesus Christ, I believe He and Father in Heaven are there. My prayers are answered. I see evidence of their existence everywhere, as I look at the beautiful world, the stars in the heavens, and new little babies. When I read the scriptures, I feel them close to me. They tell the Holy Ghost to whisper just what I need to learn so my life will be happier. Prophets, like Joseph Smith, told us that they have seen him, too. Jesus is just as real as you and I; so is Father in Heaven. Remember to pray every day and thank them for all your blessings.

What fun things are you doing this summer? Swimming lessons? Park days? Cousin sleepovers? Hikes? Picnics? Whatever you do, please, remember to thank your parents for letting you have fun. Even if you don't do anything special or extraordinary, summertime is magical. When I was a little girl, we played outside all summer, swimming and riding bikes when possible. It was more than enough to make us happy.

Claire, we hope you are still smiling your beautiful smile. Not many people are as blessed with a happy spirit that shines through their smile like you are. Even your eyes seem to smile. I'll look for it next time I see you.

Love Ya Lots!P&G