"Beam-ectomy should precede all mote micro-surgery. Just saying." Ginger Conrad paraphrasing Jesus Christ.

Paradigm Shift

“The list of health problems I think it would very hard to live with is SO much longer than the list of foods I previously thought I couldn’t live without,” Merrill Alley.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

look what they did to Him

 Hi Tyson!

We hope you are happy, healthy, and enjoying life. We hope your faith and love of learning are growing.

We went on a trip not too long ago and stayed in the cutest little cottage ever. Ever since I was a girl of nine, I wanted to build a tiny cottage. When I was nine, my friend’s older cousin and his two children moved in with her family. My friend and her other little roomy evacuated their bedroom so the cousin, his wife, and baby could occupy it. In the back yard, her father and cousin built a little cottage for the now three little girls with a tiny table and chairs, cute curtains, two little side tables, and three beds. Pretending all the while we were Anne Shirley and her chums, we pretended we were old enough to live on our own. Now that it’s just Papa and I at home, I want a cozy cottage that’s a bit bigger than my friends backyard bedroom. Our trip confirmed this desire. So, maybe someday I’ll get to build a cottage of my own.

In the past, I told you about eagles, hawks, and owls I've seen. Well a couple days ago, I had a similarly amazing experience. Each morning and evening I walk my little Yorkie, Dash, about 2 miles. Just before dawn on morning, a great horned owl swooped and landed on a tree not ten feet in front of us. As we inched closer, I observed it carefully. Finally, it flew away, when we were about a yard away. God’s creation awes me. Sure, there have been billions of people on the earth and I am as a grain of sand on the beach. However, I know God created all this beauty and variety to bring me joy. Because He loves you, He did it for you, too.

Dash is the sweetest little dog ever. Of course each time I get a dog it is the sweetest dog ever. Well, I’ve had a few that didn’t work out for one reason or another, but usually I like dogs. Even so, I want them trained for basic obedience. Since June I have kept Dash by my side, so she would learn exactly what I want from her. She comes when called, potties outside, walks nicely, submits to grooming, chews only her toys, and rarely barks. If a dog can’t or won’t learn these things, they can’t stay.

I think that’s the way it is with the atonement and our life on earth. Heavenly Father teaches us what we should do and gives us time to learn. In the end, if we won’t humble ourselves and submit to His will, we have to go to the other place. I sure don’t want that for you or for me. It’s easy to know what He wants, because we have the scriptures and modern prophets. We don’t have to guess. We’re told to be kind, read the scriptures, follow the prophets, pray, forgive, repent, and serve others. Yes, there other little bits and pieces, but all in all they pretty much fit in those categories. Will we mess up? Of course we will, but Heavenly Father gave us Jesus atonement for that. So, we’re set. Just do your best every day. I will, too.

We wonder what you do these days. Are you still a karate kid? What is your favorite subject in school? Do you enjoy team sports or do you like legos and reading more? Do you still ride your bike a lot? Don’t forget to wear your helmet!!!! Brains don’t fix. Whatever you choose to do with your time, make sure to be a good sport, have fun, and be safe.

I volunteer teach reading and writing at a local school and love it. Today, I worked with a large, kind of clumsy, but wonderfully sweet, five-year-old boy. The head teacher said he is ready for four-digit addition, but can’t write his numbers. I discovered he doesn’t hold a pencil correctly. Because of this, this bright, little boy fell behind. I’m so glad we caught this problem early. I’ll work with him every day for a week or so to right the issue. Because we work with manipulatives until this point, the problem wasn’t caught earlier. Anyway, helping children excel is quite a rewarding service.

We hope you enjoy Stuart Little. Uncle Spencer and I read it together, when he was seven or eight, enjoying it very much. It's kind of different. I think he liked it because the boy/mouse is different or handicapped. Spencer has some physical handicaps that are frustrating and painful. As a child, he couldn't do a lot of the things other children could do like running and walking long distances. Over time he learned to accept the pain and adapt his life so that he can function pretty close to normal. Stuart and his family learned to accept his limitations and adapt the environment similarly. It's important to be accepting and understanding of others. Many limitations aren't visible. People get upset when seemingly normal people act odd. Sometimes they are in chronic pain, have physical limitations, or see the world a bit differently. Patience with all people is a good thing, because we just don't know if someone is differently-abled. Of course Stuart's problem is quite obvious.

Do you know anyone with physical or mental differences that you might choose to treat with kindness instead of impatience? Perhaps, you get frustrated with your own shortcomings even though you are practically perfect in every way. Please, remember, there has only been one perfect person on the earth and look what they did to Him.

We love you, Tyson, so do Jesus, Heavenly Father, your parents, and, believe it or not, your sister. With so many people that love you, you always have someone to turn to in troubled times. Don't forget this.