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Paradigm Shift

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

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September 5th marks the 18th anniversary of the second worst day of my life, the day my nine-year-old Katie had a terrible accident. Late as usual, she raced off on her bike but forgot to buckle the strap to her helmet. She also forgot to look both ways before crossing the street. A truck traveling too fast for a residential area glanced the back wheel of her bike, sending helmet flying into the air and her body sliding across the road. She stopped when her head struck the curb. After brain surgery and six torturous days, she was removed from life support. As life drained from her body, I whispered love to this sweet girl. September 11, 1997, the worst day of my life, she died. Even though I know I'll see her and love her again in Heaven, I miss this girl every day.

Please, share this story with all children you know. Help them understand how important it is to wear and buckle their helmets and how equally important it is to use their eyes and ears near motor vehicles.