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Paradigm Shift

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma!

I was blessed this weekend to attend my grandmother's 96th birthday party. I love my family, and it's a big one. Grandma had 5 children. Grandpa died in a car accident before they were grown. When she remarried a second cousin of Grandpa's, she inherited 3 more children. I love them all.

While I was growing up, my uncles and aunts were a big part of my life. As a young mother far from her childhood home, I missed them so much.We all just love to visit. Saturday was no exception. On that warm Arizona afternoon, we shared and joked and laughed for hours. The food was simple and enjoyed by everyone. I even found something suitable, when I ate lots of goodies from the veggie platter plus its garnish with salsa and a grapefruit right off my uncle's tree.

It's not just the one's I've known personally in this life that I love though. All the stories about this great-great grandfather or this great-great aunt are so interesting. I think I must write them down before they are lost.

In that vein, this week from the 21-23 in SLC is RootsTech conference. They haven't forgotten us that are too far away or too busy to attend. “Best of RootsTech” sessions will be streamed live online all three days of the RootsTech conference at www.rootstech.org.