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Paradigm Shift

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

ahem....here goes

This week I studied a sermon that was embarrassing to me, Protection from Pornography by Linda S. Reeves. I've been reluctant to discuss it in my one woman book club, because of the sensitive nature. but....here goes...

Yes, Satan has many traps, addictive, titillating, vulgar, and so forth. As with drugs and alcohol, addictions can form from anything that encourages us to misuse our appetites. I've known people addicted to the adrenaline rush of winning at gambling. One thing that came to my mind while listening to this sermon again and again this week was a more subtle form of pornography, the romance novel. As most humans can attest, woman and men are wired differently. The written word can cause women's multitasking brains to imagine in detail what we ought not from explicit words. God gave each of us the power to choose our actions and power to overcome our appetites. We can say no to Satan's deceptive, romantic pornography aimed at women. Just as visual, vulgar pictures can skew a man's perspective of normal sexual relations, so too can romance novels and other explicit words give women false ideas of real men, real relationships, and real romance.