"Beam-ectomy should precede all mote micro-surgery. Just saying." Ginger Conrad paraphrasing Jesus Christ.

Paradigm Shift

“The list of health problems I think it would very hard to live with is SO much longer than the list of foods I previously thought I couldn’t live without,” Merrill Alley.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

so be it

Praying For...Gracie, our five-year-old firecracker...that she will be healthy, happy, safe, and feel Jesus' love...that adults around the world will wake up and preserve the innocence of children...that leaders of nations will reexamine their power-lust and blood thirstiness, which usurps religious freedom and other liberties God meant humans to experience...that neighbors will love and help one another along the path.

Bibliophilia...I'm re-reading a book in preparation for an advanced student's mentoring needs next year. The Consequences of Ideas is a history and examination of philosophy written by a Christian man. While not all the doctrine of his denomination meshes with mine, I feel grateful to learn more about this subject from a Christian point of view. Of course I'll continue to study this subject with my student from other directions to help her prepare for the ECE Intro to Philosophy test, but this gentle introduction from a follower of Christ will be perfect for this young girl. Since her mother reports that Gracie loves workbooks, I sent Draw Write Now 1, Explode the Code 2, and Kumon Simple Addition. I'm so glad Gracie's mommy likes to spend time with her in these activities, too. As a young mother, I spent many happy hours teaching my children.

Jesus' Word..."Behold, we put bits in the horses’ mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body," James 3:3. What direction is God pulling my spiritual bit?

Cucina Fresca...although I eat salt, I prefer to add the amount I want. So, I tend to buy products sans salt. My newest find is Westbrae No Salt Stone Ground Mustard. While I will always love old fashioned yellow mustard, I'm partial to more adult flavors now. But some of them were so strong, I sort of gave up on mustard until I learned about Westbrae. Amazingly, I found some at my local grocer. It is so light and fresh instead of heavy on the vinegar, I can eat it by the spoonful and love it on baked potatoes. Yup! I tried it again with Ann Esselstyn's favorite 123 salad dressing. What was too overpowering with stronger mustards is now my new favorite dressing. Salad never tasted so good! 1 t maple syrup, 2 t westbrae mustard, 3 t good quality balsamic vinegar

Estudio Espanol...WooooHoooo....I took a break from reading Spanish Scripture for awhile, during which time I audio 'read' the Book of Mormon with Sammy. Since I finished that interesting study, I began reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish again. I've read it in English dozens of times and Spanish a couple. While my previous Spanish attempts were fruitful, they were highly labor intensive. Not This Time!!! Even though I still have to look up a few words in my Espanol/Ingles dictionary, I understand nearly everything without it. Hurray!!! But...that doesn't fix my inability to converse without a lot of pain. A while back we went to a Mexican restaurant. Usually, I order in Spanish with little problem. This time I could not remember the words (who forgets quiero). The waiter was so sweet helping me remember. Finally, I got out my order. Quiero dos espinacas y champiñones enchiladas no con queso y crema, por favor. Sí, quiero arroz y frijoles entero tambien, por favor. After that I did ok, saying things like Quiero mas salsa y una vaso agua, por favor and muchas gracias, la comida estaba deliciosa. After having many Mexican friends during my life, I have a soft spot for these gracious people, the children of Lehi.

Dr. Ginger, Medicine Woman...I'm not a doctor but a student of natural healing...So I cannot cheat even with a little oil, ever...Dr. McDougall, the physician that helped me finally figure out the mess I was in with my health, put out a new news letter clarifying a few things about auto immune disorders. This caught my eye. "Unfortunately, small indiscretions often result in big penalties. That error could be a tiny bite of cheese or a bowlful of oily vegetables. One of my patients had been free of all of her arthritis pain and swelling for four months when she ventured out to a Chinese restaurant. The food served may have been vegan, but the pea pods and sprouts were drowning in peanut oil and swimming with questionable ingredients. The next day she was in my office with both knees red, hot, and swollen." Since the manifestations of my auto immunity are numerous severe symptoms, a little oil or whatever keeps me in bed with pain for days. It's just not worth any enjoyment, fullness, or whatever I get to eat oil, wheat, soy, nuts, seeds, diary, eggs, or all the other things on my no-no list. Sometimes it's hard when I'm out and hungry or with friends, but a couple hours of hungry or an evening of denial is way better than vomiting, swelling/painful joints, chest, and abdomen, SOB, and days of pain. So there you go... I must plan ahead.I just cannot eat something to make other people feel better or justify their binges or kill my hunger. If they think I'm crazy, so be it.

But, there is hope! I had the most wonderful vegan experience Friday night. When I go to someone's house for a get together or dinner, I never tell anyone anymore about my food. Instead I discreetly pass up stuff I shouldn't eat and happily eat whatever 'safe' food they have. Sometimes my only choice is ice water. Friday, I went to a fiesta with tons of traditional Mexican meat dishes. Someone spilled the beans so to speak. The host said, "I have another barbecue that hasn't been used. I can roast some portabello mushrooms for you and the other vegetarian here. Plus, we have tostadas." It was wonderful that the host wasn't insulted but so helpful and kind. Nobody grilled me on my different way of eating either. For the first time in years, I left a celebration with my appetite completely satisfied and comfortable with the conversation.