"Beam-ectomy should precede all mote micro-surgery. Just saying." Ginger Conrad paraphrasing Jesus Christ.

Paradigm Shift

“The list of health problems I think it would very hard to live with is SO much longer than the list of foods I previously thought I couldn’t live without,” Merrill Alley.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

when you're smiling

Forget-Me-Nots for Mother's Day from Joseph and Gucci, my all-time favorite flower.

Praying For...Oakley...I always have to resist calling her Annie...that she will be healthy, happy, safe, and faithful to the Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that she will know mountains of joy and very little trial or misery. I pray that she will choose the plan of happiness, because living the commandments is true happiness. I pray that she and other girls in the world like those in Nigeria won't be targets of evil, blood-thirsty, power-seeking men hiding behind a false god. No true and loving god would require the innocence of children or the virtue of young girls in the cause of righteousness...no, never. God's Word..."And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea." Mark 9:42 I'd say the young girls in Nigeria were highly offended, when these 'religious' militants made them pawns of war, kidnapping, raping, and selling them into slavery.

Quote of the Week...while I don't agree with most of her political ideas, I whole heartedly agree with Mrs. Obama's statement this week memorializing the plight of the abducted Nigerian Girls. "I hope that any young people in America who take school for granted, any young people who are slacking off or thinking of dropping out, I hope they will learn the story of these girls and recommit themselves to their education."

Cucina Fresca...bought Jeff Novick's new video, Fast Food Volume 4: Beyond the Basics. The previous volumes changed the way I look at food and cooking, which this one will likely expand. Monday night I plan to make Kasha Varnishkes, a traditional Eastern European Jewish dish made from whole grain toasted buckwheat, pasta, and a large amount of caramelized onions. Jeff's heart-healthy version leaves out the chicken fat and salt, adding vegetable broth, peas, carrots, and garlic. Caramelizing onions without fat works amazingly well; I do it all the time. More and more I fear eating in restaurants. Last night we went out for a Mother's Day dinner (we don't do restaurants on the Sabbath). They put soy sauce in something they gave me. First my stomach swelled, then my throat and neck, then my chest. It was so hard to breathe, and of course I couldn't eat anymore. We went home, where I experienced a very tough evening and night. Luckily, it didn't get worse, but it was my worst reaction to date.

Nature Notes...yesterday, we went for a walk on the beach. Because we are early birds, we had the beach to ourselves. Wonderful, warmish, sunny, calm, and clear, the beach invited us to walk for about an hour. Gucci ran and played so hard that she slept for a couple hours after we got home (after a bath to wash off the mud and sand). That little dog is a powerhouse and has no idea she is a tiny dog. I've heard Yorkies referred to as big dogs in little bodies, which describes her perfectly. That little 5 pound ball of energy makes us laugh and laugh. Also, the breeze didn't bother my ears. Last year the spring breezes caused so much pain. I guess I'm getting better and better.

Sound of Music...I'm so glad I healed up and can play my music again. There is no high like a morning devotional of praying, reading scripture, and playing sacred music. Then later in the day, I get out the ukulele to sing and play silly, fun, and more religious songs. I'll ever be grateful that my parents allowed me to play the violin and for Mrs. Jean Davis teaching me. Since then if an instrument interests me, it is so easy to play with my (limited) musical skills.

Pen and Brush...boy am I rusty, but I still enjoyed a week of getting back into the swing of this enjoyable pass time.

Teaching Little Children (and big ones)...as a mentor for young adults, I have the privilege and joy of designing curricula. At first, I tried to keep them all on the same track, but it didn't work. Some were more interested in one thing and others something else. Some were snails and some were rabbits. While they all my scholars have the same basics, they each have individualized programs. Some are gung-ho with the Great Books and others with college level testing. So this week I spent some time picking just the right thing for my remaining scholars. One girl, who has progressed beyond my dreams, asked if she could finish her Great Books study and begin college testing. Just two years ago she wanted nothing to do with testing, but now she sees the light. Anyway, it's great fun. Next year I'll be a better mentor, since I'll have all my books and not have my attention divided. I love to read everything each of them is assigned that week. It's getting harder and harder to keep that up now that I have so many reading different books. Also this week, I began working with two new tutoring students. They are a 12 and 13 brother and sister pair, who ought to make quick progress.

Movement...enjoying my rolling/stretching/yoga/ballet. Recently, I added dumbbells, because the arm exercises were getting too easy. I guess I'm getting stronger. Plus, Gucci isn't happy on nice days unless we take her out. Since there are so many nice spots in the days now, we go out three or four times. While she runs, we walk. She's so cute, always coming back to check on us.

Grammy Ginger, Medicine Woman...I'm not a doctor but an herbalist, interested in the historical uses of plants that support healing. My little grandson suffers from eczema. Recently, it was so bad his ankles ran with puss and blood. Since the only thing medical doctors can offer eventually makes the problem worse, I prayed and pondered all I had learned from Dr. Christopher's lectures and books. Chickweed is specific for eczema, causing the itching to stop and allowing skin lesions to heal. With a salve of chickweed, olive oil, bee's wax, that little one's legs were thickly coated twice a day before long cotton socks and cotton pants were put on to protect the skin. Within five days all lesions were closed and healing well on its way with NO ITCHING!