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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day, my Earthly Father

Praying for...Gayle...who is growing up quickly. Soon she'll move into young womanhood and leave childhood behind. It's the natural progression of things but always leaves me feeling bitter sweet. I pray that during these last years of childhood, she will turn toward her earthly parents and Heavenly Father as sources of love and wisdom. I pray that no seeds of rebellion will root in her soul. I pray that she will be spared the evils of the world and grow through maidenhood with health, safety, happiness, and gentleness. I pray that people all over the world, our neighbors, will open their eyes to the innocence of childhood and protect it with all their might.

Bibliophilia...I sent Gayle Mandy by Julie Andrews, a book I read and enjoyed as a little girl as well as a cursive practice book and a couple titles from Critical Thinking Press. Like all the rest of my grandchildren, she loves the books and workbooks we send. I ask their mothers, because I don't want to spend the money if they don't use them. Children who do their homework and then supplement their learning with extra reading and homework are the highest achievers in schools. It's an easy thing for us to send workbooks and exceptional children's literature that their parents couldn't otherwise afford at this time. I'm reading the new Albert Marrin title, A Volcano Beneath the Snow. Marrin is a magician in writing history, taking a possibly dry subject and bringing it vividly to life...sometimes a bit too vivid. I'm not sure how most historians suck the life out of such interesting material, but nearly all of them have done so to the detriment of the general population. Who reads history for fun these days? Anyway, I have read nearly all Albert Marrin's prolific list of books in which he doesn't spare either side of the fence. As he tells it like it is, he shows the guilty their shame.

Jesus' word...God patterned earth life after His life. We live in families, where we learn charity and character. This week my own Father presented this scripture Matthew 23:9. I'm not sure if he was serious or confused in his interpretation that nobody should be called father except God. If we look at the context of the scripture, Jesus is discussing religious leaders. In scripture the concept of fatherhood includes more than our earthly fathers and God, but a sign of respect, Genesis 45:8, Job 29:16, Isaiah 22:20–21, and 2 Kings 6:21. In Matthew 23, Jesus used hyperbole or exaggeration to teach the scribes and pharisees of their sinful and proud posturing of ultimate authorities and fathers, minimizing or ignoring God as the source of all authority and fatherhood. So....Happy Father's Day, my Earthly Father.

Teaching Little Children...This week my Primary lesson is about becoming peacemakers; Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. What better place to practice this art than with the people we love most on earth! A peacemaker is one who doesn't stir the pot, but who finds ways to smooth ruffled feathers, inspire joy and laughter, and exudes happiness. A peacemaker strives to be a living testament to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Little children such as my students can do this. My grandmother is the epitome of peacemaker; everyone wants to be her friend.

Pen and Brush...I decided I like using colored pencils over watercolor. Drawing with pen and colored pencil is relaxing. Watercoloring stresses me. Since I keep all my drawings in a journal, they don't need to be masterpieces. Instead, they are instruments of joy to me. If I can learn to draw, anybody can. No, I'll never win a prize, but it is fun to draw while listening to beautiful music.

Sound of Music...Music is such a joy in my life. I'll ever be grateful to my parents for making it possible for me to learn to play the violin and guitar. Now when I pick up a new instrument, I can usually play easy things fairly quickly. The ukulele is so much fun. I love to play and sing along with the folk song CD series I have. Now that I have some simple skills under my belt, I am going to do my sing and play along thing with The Children's Songbook and CDs. Too bad the Hymns don't have chords written above the music.