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Saturday, November 15, 2014

makes me grin

Because I put a lot of thought and time into writing letters to my grandchildren, it nice to know they like them. This week one daughter told of her child's question. "Doesn't Grammy send us letters anymore. It's been a long time since she sent me a letter. I like her letters." It is his turn this week, which you can read below. I never considered a five-year-old would think the eight weeks between letters seems like a long time. Anticipation and patience is a good thing for children I think. I still have trouble with these at times.

Hi ___!

I hope you are happy, healthy, safe, learning in school, and loving Jesus. I pray for you and your ability to make good choices. What things are you doing lately for fun? What is your favorite thing to study at school? Hs it snowed yet?

Although we still have cottontails and quail, the population is much smaller than it once was. We also haven't seen the coyotes that used to hang around here. We thought the coyotes were gone until we heard them howling the other night. Recently, we turned of the AC and opened the windows, which allows us to hear outside sounds better. Now we hear the pack howling whenever a siren goes by and other unexplained times. It is both chilling and cheering. Because we like to plant a garden, we are glad the coyotes keep the rabbit and quail population smaller. But...and this is a big but...the thought of a pack of predatory animals living on the golf course is a bit unsettling. Nevertheless, the howling makes me grin.

We are so excited for the new Temple, which is very close to our house. We wish it were close enough to walk. Even so, a 10-minute drive is way better than our old hour drive. The new temple is so beautiful inside and out. The Spirit is felt so strongly there. When we went through the temple during the open house, they put booties over our shoes to protect the floors. I couldn't help thinking it felt like Jesus washing the feet of His Apostles. In the land of Israel where Jesus' lived during His life, foot washing was a normal thing, because people wore sandals in the hot, dry, dusty climate. Usually, a servant performed the task of foot washing for the occupants of the house and their guests. When Jesus began the washing Peter's feet, Peter tried to stop Him. Peter didn't want Jesus to act as a servant. Jesus explained to the Apostles that even though he was the Savior, he still served them. A true follower of Christ is always willing to serve others. Jesus wants us to follow his example and serve others, too. You can read about this in John 13.

A couple weeks after Christmas, you will celebrate your sixth birthday. That's not too far away. Your six and seven-year-old years are important times to prepare for your coming baptism. Pay special attention in Primary and during Family Home Evening. Learning the words and meanings of the Primary songs will go a long way in teaching you the gospel of Jesus Christ. Plus, you have a nice singing voice, so make sure to sing loud (not yelling) and clear during Primary singing time. Primary is so much fun, when we know the words to the songs, too. Learn what it means to take Jesus name upon you, always remember Him, keep His commandments, and serve Him until the end. It's not hard to understand, especially if you remember that the commandments only lead you to do good; they will never lead you to hurt, anger, lie, steal, or any other bad thing. Baptism day is much more special if you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Many people don't learn all this until later. That's ok, too, because you will learn more about the gospel line upon line and precept on precept all the days of your life. The gospel of Jesus Christ is an exciting adventure and the only one to bring you true happiness upon Earth and joy during eternity.

Well, my dear ___, remember the way to be happy. President Hinckley told children all about it when Uncle ___ was a Primary Boy during a special Primary General Meeting. Be Smart means to work in school, learn all you can about the gospel, and do what you know is good and right. Be True means to cherish the faith your parents teach you as well as be loyal to your family and God's commandments. Be Prayerful means to pray often even in your thoughts during the day. Be Grateful means to be thankful for and think about what God and other people do for you instead of all the things you want. Be Clean means to stay away from bad language, sloppy dress, rude behavior, and naughty entertainment. Be Humble means to let God, parents, and leaders teach you instead of being sullen or a know-it-all. It's not that hard to choose to be good. Like President Kimball said, you just need to decide that's the kind of person you want to be and do it.

We love you more than you will ever know, that is until you have grandchildren in 40 years or so. You are a ray of sunshine, when you smile your beautiful smile. You should smile all the time, because it has the ability to make others feel better. If someone doesn't feel happy after seeing you smile and hearing you laugh, there is something seriously wrong with them.

God be with you until we meet again.

Love Ya Lots! P&G