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Paradigm Shift

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

speaks to me

One of the things I do during my morning devotional is read from scripture until I find a verse that speaks to me. After writing this verse in my journal, I ponder it and sometimes write why it spoke to me. Today, as I read in the Book of Mormon, Mosiah chapter 2, the whole chapter spoke to me.

It's no secret that God commands us to keep the commandments. He wants us to do so in such a way that we refuse to allow contention into our lives. Contention includes strife, arguments, and disputes, which are tools of Satan to pull us into his snares. If we make a mistake in these areas, we can repent and get back on the right track. If we don't, we will be in Satan's power and eventually in his domain.

Some say this is too hard a thing He requires of us. In some ways, it is much easier to live the commandments. The more we do so, the less power our enemies and Satan have over us. I think of Victor Frankl, who spent years in Nazi concentration camps. His body was held captive, but he did all he could to love and serve his fellow inmates. He refused to let the Nazis control his mind or spirit.

After my experience last week with the grace of Christ taking from me the mental and spiritual burden of vile crimes committed against my family, I know that He can give me similar strength to withstand temptations, etc. Therefore, keep the commandments, refuse to engage in contention, and repent and reform when mistakes are made.