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Friday, April 17, 2015

Defending the Family Proclamation

This week I studied the sermon, Defenders of the Family Proclamation, by Bonnie L. Oscarson. Although I enjoy all of General Conference and study all the talks, I pay special attention to those given during the General Women's Session. This one was filled with wisdom.

"defend...beliefs with courage and conviction...war going on in this world in which our most cherished and basic doctrines are under attack...The sanctity of the home and the essential purposes of the family are being questioned, criticized, and assaulted on every front. When President Gordon B. Hinckley first read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” 20 years ago this year, we were grateful for and valued the clarity, simplicity, and truth of this revelatory document. Little did we realize then how very desperately we would need these basic declarations in today’s world as the criteria by which we could judge each new wind of worldly dogma coming at us from the media, the Internet, scholars, TV and films, and even legislators. The proclamation on the family has become our benchmark for judging the philosophies of the world...not all women are experiencing what the proclamation describes. It is still important to understand and teach the Lord’s pattern and strive for the realization of that pattern the best we can...boldly defend the Lord’s revealed doctrines describing marriage, families, the divine roles of men and women, and the importance of homes as sacred places—even when the world is shouting in our ears that these principles are outdated, limiting, or no longer relevant...If it is the Lord’s plan, it should also be our plan!...marriage is between a man and a woman...there is no greater honor, no more elevated title, and no more important role in this life than that of mother or father...defend the sanctity of the home...take a term which is sometimes spoken of with derision and elevate it...homemaker...We should “make our homes” places of order, refuge, holiness, and safety. Our homes should be places where the Spirit of the Lord is felt in rich abundance and where the scriptures and the gospel are studied, taught, and lived. What a difference it would make in the world if all people would see themselves as makers of righteous homes," Bonnie L. Oscarson.

I remember when Gordon B. Hinckley presented the proclamation. To me it held nothing but common sense that everyone surely knew was truth. Today, nearly every part of these truths is being destroyed. It was a truly prophetic utterance. Only God could know just how far and how fast civilization would sink in such a short time. Those of us who hold to these truths are ridiculed and mocked on every hand.

1. Marriage requires a man and a woman. No other combination of beings makes a marriage.

2. Children should be taught to strive for the highest education and prepare for any eventual future. However, parenthood is the most nobel of all pursuits.

3. Home and family is important. All sacrifice to build and maintain it should be undertaken. All should strive to be homemakers.

I appreciated her nod to homemaking as the highest calling and most desirable profession for women. but think she didn't go far enough. So many children are living with emotional homelessness. Just this week it was reported that for the first time in recorded history more money was spent in the US in restaurants than grocery stores. Yes, I do believe women should have a choice of vocation but also believe that ALL children are better off if their mothers choose full-time homemaking. Certainly, there are exceptions, but why are the majority of families exceptions now? I remember President Hinckley saying this, too. Maybe the Lord quits saying something if His children refuse to listen.