"Beam-ectomy should precede all mote micro-surgery. Just saying." Ginger Conrad paraphrasing Jesus Christ.

Paradigm Shift

“The list of health problems I think it would very hard to live with is SO much longer than the list of foods I previously thought I couldn’t live without,” Merrill Alley.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

never through


I hope things are going well for you lately. I sure do miss your smile and fun sense of humor. Is fourth grade fun? The best thing that happened to me in fourth grade was violin lessons. Although school was easy for me, music lessons made it joyful. Back then I had a real talent for making people mad; after these events, I was always so perplexed. What did I do that made the person offended? I still am very talented this way. Sooo…as I was saying, playing the violin became a beloved and joyful diversion just as drawing and reading became as time went on.

Last week our Montessori school studied Ireland a bit. Really, how much can a 3-6 year old learn about Ireland in the few minutes during circle that we discussed it? The head teacher asked me to play some Irish dance music the next day. I went home and looked up some pieces on the internet. After trying them out, I realized I no longer have the dexterity to play fast tunes. Bummer…So I looked up a ballad, Danny Boy. After practicing a few times, I had it down fairly well…or so I thought. Even though I played it abominably the next day, the children had no clue. One boy even said, ‘I love it; it’s so peaceful.’ After all these years, playing my violin is still beloved and still joyful even if I play a bit stiffly. All week the children were called to lunch with a recording of Danny Boy. At least this beautiful bit of Irish history and culture is part of their knowledge bank.

Another memorable part of fourth grade was my teacher. Like I said, I wasn’t much of a social success with my peers, but my teacher made no secret that she loved me. In fact she doted on me. Hmmmm…maybe that’s why my classmates didn’t like me. Who knows? Anyway, the impression this woman left on me made my heart grow. I felt a little less small inside and stood a little taller outside. I think this is why Jesus teaches us to love and serve one another.

Last week we saw a thrilling dramatic movie, Bridge of Spies. Usually, I am not a spy movie girl, but the leading actor is a favorite of mine; I made an exception and agreed to go with Papa. Anyway, one character in the movie was in a lot of trouble, because he was caught being a spy. The lawyer asked, ‘Don’t you ever worry?’ The spy answered, ‘Would it help?’ This is going to be my new mantra.

Usually, I’m pretty dramatic even though I try hard to be level headed. If I find myself offended or worried or any other dramatic emotion, I’m going to stop and ask myself, ‘Would (or does) it help?’ Likely, the answer 100% of the time will be a huge, resounding no. I’ll let you know in a few weeks whether the experiment works or not.

I bought some more moringa trees to shade my gogi berries and apple trees from the worst heat of the summer. I lost an apple tree during August, which was a heavy blow. The mangos are doing well, as are all the other plants. I love moringa in smoothies and soup and beans, so the more we plant the better. Plus, we won’t have to buy so many bunches of greens for our smoothies. That also means a lot less plastic bags to carry and a lot less water to process them in. Sounds like a win-win.

I hear you might sign up for some new after school classes. What are you going to try this time? Did you like soccer? I know one thing; whatever you try it will be fun if you have a good attitude. Of course you already know that. I remember your attitude with swimming last summer. You threw yourself into learning that skill and really came a long way. It sure is fun to try new things? I’m going to take some more college classes this winter on line--right now I'm working on a Winston Churchill class. I just love to take classes. I’ll never be through learning new things until the day I die.

Let us know if you get tired of receiving books. Although it might be a bit challenging, you will love Fever 1793. Most Amazon kid reviewers love it as much as this old Grammy, too. This bit of historical fiction is a real page-turner. It might be fun to co-read it with your mom. Speaking of Mom, she told me you enjoy the 'I Survived' series. I sent a few to Cole a couple years ago. Although the reading level is pretty easy, they are exciting stories. Enjoy I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944.

..., we love you very much. Although we pray daily for you in a general way, this week we will pray specifically and in great detail. No, I don’t actually know what problems you have, but I do remember the problems I had at your age. Those memories lead me to pray that you will be safe, secure, happy, and health. We pray that God will inspire you to listen carefully, react slowly, reject rebellion readily, and speak kindly to everyone. We pray that you will develop an optimistic attitude, deep faith, and love of learning. We pray that you are happy, healthy, safe, and secure. We pray that you will be motivated to be an obedient daughter, a loyal sister, a trustworthy friend, and a compassionate servant of Jesus Christ. We pray that you will choose to embrace all that is good and stay close to the gospel.