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Paradigm Shift

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project Joy is Joyful

Project Joy is really fun. Since I last wrote a couple days ago, these are the things I did for joy.

1. Went to the temple Friday morning and Costco for organic carrots.
2. Made carrot juice and smoothies each morning...mmmmm
3. Put down card board and straw in the garden with Joseph for date night, since we're tired of the old dinner and a movie drill.
4. Did devotionals with scriptures, journal, violin, and piano each day. Still not singing much....
5. Drew a bit each day.
6. Wrote a chapter comparing and contrasting Sparta and Athens and a lesson for drawing a map of ancient Greece for LHS history and geography series. Edited a chapter about orbital, dot, and electron configuration notation for LHS science series.
7. Took naps.
8. Took lots of walks with Joseph.
9. Made a delicious polenta pie with shitake mushrooms and tempeh 'sausage' and polenta pudding for our date night dinner--loving polenta these days.
10. Smiled and laughed more.
11. Refused to get offended at someone.
12. Went to bed earlier each night after a Japanese bath.
13. Used Joseph as a guinea pig and tried out the idea of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice in the evening for insomnia--read about this in a Norman Walker book. It worked amazingly well. But why?! Hmmmmm...
14. Read a great book, One Straw Revolution.
15. Grew and ate pounds of a variety of sprouts.
16. Cleaned the bathrooms, worked in Area 2, did dishes and food prep with the fam, and washed laundry--love clean and order and fresh and all that--love the blessings that allow this work.
17. Played with updo ideas--now to find the courage to wear them. (BTW-Wen is 10X better than HairOne.)
18. Received a letter and photo from sweet Sammy. She says she misses and loves us. I needed that.
19. Got a text from Oakley thanking us for the ballet DVD. She loves get dressed up like a ballerina and dancing to it. I love hearing from the grands.
20. Talked and talked and talked with Joseph about nothing in particular on several occasions.
21. Got a funny pre-birthday card from my tax man.
22. Piled cotton and wool blankets on the bed to allow sleeping with the window open. Love fresh air.
23. Wore cozy knit hair bands over my ears when out walking.
24. Chose not to eat crackers that would make my gut scream.
25. Listened to conference talks and audio books while working in the kitchen.

Project Joy is going nicely. Joy is a choice and so much more fun than stress, anxiety, and overwork.